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September 23, 2008

Do you love being the boss?

Sept23likebeingtheboss_2 Being the boss is not always what it’s cracked up to be.  You have all of the responsibility, accountability and some times risk on your shoulders. Additionally, you have people, projects and profits depending on you.  No pressure, huh?  But there are ways that you can ease this burden and at the same time become a boss everyone loves. 

Delegation is a good thing.  If you have a very entrepreneurial spirit, this may be hard for you to believe.  But when you delegate to those people upon who your success depends, it makes them better team members, and shows you trust them and value their opinion.  But here on the ConferenceCall.com blog, we like to put things into practical terms. So, let’s take a look at HOW you might start to delegate things in order to be more successful as a boss and a company.

A sales department always makes for a nice take away example since all companies have to sell something – either a product or service.  Let’s say you have 4 regional managers.  These managers are responsible for producing $300k in revenue every quarter. At their disposal, these managers each have 3 sales people. So, do you hand hold each new sales rep and explain how you did things “back when you were on the phones”?  No.  Here is a likely schedule that may work.

Owner meets with regional sales managers on a monthly basis.  Don’t take these managers out of the field in order to meet. Have them do a web conference with you so you can see their “poker” faces.  Clearly set out expectations and deadlines.  Empower them with bringing back a certain amount of closed revenue by the next monthly meeting, and then make yourself available for then to reach out to you as they work independently to achieve those goals. Sales people love contests…see who can bring back the most!  You’ll be able to see by the looks on their faces (via webcam) which managers are most excited.

Regional sales managers meet with local reps on a weekly basis.  If you’re motivation was contagious, the managers will pass it on to their reps.  The first meeting of the month should be done via web conference or a live meeting – to really get sales reps pumped up.  After that, the meeting should be done via conference call. You don’t want to pull your great sales reps out of the field too often.

Regional teams (sales managers and sales reps) all conduct one meeting a month together via video conferencing.  This will give the sales managers a real hands-on experience and allow the sales reps a chance to shine. 

By using communication tools at your disposal and instilling a sense of responsibility in your team, you can see great success.  If you’ve experienced success by using these (or other) delegation methods, please share them below.  Or, if you have questions for other SMB owners let’s hear them!


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