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October 30, 2008

How do I improve sales? Communicate with your clients!

Oct30communicateforbett_2 Any communication expert worth their salt will tell you the secret of sales success is to know your audience.  You should know what they like, what they don’t like, their struggles, their passions and their success stories. But, how’s an SMB to get and keep up with all of this information?  Well, you can’t do it alone and today, you don’t have to!  Today’s technology makes it easy for you to stay in touch with your customers.

New technology, like Intellicast, offers an automated solution for small and medium business owners.    With this business service, you can send automated messages to your clients via phone and they can respond through an automated system or choose to speak to a live person.  So, how can an SMB company like you use this product?  Here are a few ideas:

  • Inform customer that their order is ready for pick up
  • Notify customers that their order has shipped
  • Remind a patient of an upcoming appointment
  • Welcome new customers with a quick, personal message
  • Conduct customer surveys to gather valuable information

The bullet points above are all different reason for contacting your customers.  By finding pertinent reasons to communicate with your customers, you become “sticky”.  The more pertinent customer touch points you can find, the more likely you are to increase retention of a customer.  As you all know, the longer a customer sticks around the more money they will spend, if they are happy.  Ultimately, by communicating with your customers, in an easy to use fashion, you are securing your bottom line.  How does this work?  How can simply talking to customers make you money?  Here are a few desired results from using technology to create customer touch points in order to increase retention and sales:

  • Tell the customer what you know and you become the subject matter expert!  This makes your company trustworthy.
  • Asking for your customers’ opinion makes them feel important and involved in the sales cycle which will generally shorten the cycle and bring in revenue faster!
  • Welcoming new customers makes them feel special!  It sounds emotional, and it is.  The goal of any marketing or advertising is to make the reader/viewer feel an emotion and act on it. Making customers feel special will help you sell more.
  • Keeping customers informed makes them feel like you are a partner and not just someone taking their money!

If you are currently using a communication vehicle with your customers and would like to share your success, comment below. Or, if you have questions on how you can go about communicating with your clients more often please let us know!


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When engaging prospects or talking with existing customers, I always include web conferencing on my audio calls. Web adds so much to an audio call - presentation slides, quick web tours, online demos, webcams - you name it. Web conferencing helps "paint the picture" and gets the idea across in a visual way that typically makes a very positive impact. Instead of just saying 'you know what I mean' - I can actually demonstrate what I mean. A little web goes a long way for sales!

why is it so difficult for me to contact your service at the call center.

George - I'm sorry you've had trouble getting the information you need. I will have your sales representative reach out to you!

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